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  • These are really resourceful for my learning. Thank you so much for the dedicated publishing of content here and throughout your website(s). I especially appreciate the change in highlighting of grammar starting in May. I look forward to each update!

      • Thanks, Clay. Shoutout to Yumi.

        If I may give some feedback, it appears that Oct through Dec of this year is saturated with examples/ways of saying “only; just” and “as in; regarding” grammar headlines. While certainly helpful, if it is at all possible to be a bit more conscious when choosing grammar structures – so as to diversifying the practical grammar we may run into via Japanese media such as news – I believe it may serve us learners a bit more with general recognition! Even if it’s not a headline but a sentence of the related popular topic!

        Thanks, again!

          • If it’s JLPT grammar, than I’d personally rather leave her to her devices haha.

            What I had said was in reference to the last statement at the top of the page – “a sentence with 2-3 important keywords on a trending topic currently in Japanese news.”
            I had the impression that she was pulling examples from some news outlet.

            I guess my only request then really would be if she would consider grammar that is any more natural or colloquial than where the JLPT may fail to prepare someone eager to be conversational.

          • >>“a sentence with 2-3 important keywords on a trending topic currently in Japanese news.”

            Oh! Yes, originally, the intermediate sentence was something in the news that Yumi reworded. But after a while, she wanted to make a month’s worth in advance and finding non-time sensitive news sentences was a challenge. I will encourage her to occasionally do that though.

            I’ll remove that wording for now.

          • Understood, Clay.

            I appreciate Yumi for doing what she can! Very happy to have this resource, otherwise!

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