• Sorry for the slow reply. We had a problem with audio cutting off on some devices (but not all!). I think the problem was with the file permissions and I fixed most of the files yesterday. Could you refresh and try it now?
      If it is still not working, could you let me know what device you are using? Then, I’ll try reuploading the file.

        • Can you see the “New” tab? That is supposed to be for Samurai members (you should have access to Samurai content). The rest of the app is for Shogun members, but the first tab 新 New should show your content.

          • Sorry again for the trouble. I think the username and password may not have worked.
            This is your Patreon password:
            Username: patreon
            Password: patreonapril
            I wish I had a better way to offer this to Patreon supporters, but for now, everyone uses the same credentials. (If you want to switch to Makoto+, let me know and I can give you an extra free month since there would be some overlap before you can cancel Patreon–no need to do this, but if you want your own username, that would be the best way)
            I just noticed we don’t have a log out button (I’ll add one soon). Could you delete the app, reinstall it, and when it prompts for your username, input “patreon” and “patreonapril” for the password?
            Again, I’m very sorry for the trouble. We tested that username and it did work, so I think maybe the username you inputted originally didn’t login correctly. However, it should remember it once you do log in.

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