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  • I believe I saw somewhere that you mentioned an app or something for those who may be interested in being able to make friends with NihonJin but I am not sure if I am in error if I’m not could you please tell me the name of the app (or whatever it was I honestly don’t fully remember) so I can look it up.

    Thank you very much

    • Ah! Sorry, I forgot to add the latest issue. I’ll do that now. For the weekly lessons like the repetition and shadowing, Patreon doesn’t have a good way to post those. Please check here for the weekly content (podcasts and sentences).

      • Hi
        Yes I will do that. I get the release emails you send and give things a quick look but I sometimes forget to actually go online and use the resource’s.

        I wonder, have you ever thought of doing a “how to use these things” item? The reason I ask is because I’ve spent many an hour just trying to work out the best way to study/learn from various resources. In fact there are so many out there that I go round in circles spending hours trying to workout the best tools and ways to use them. I think that You provide and focus on written material, however I’m aware of the various videos you produce and I do try to watch them. But as I say even just with your resources there’s so much that it’s hard to know where to start.
        For example. I’ve been subscribing to Makoto Magazine for years but I’ve not even read a third of them, let alone other publications you have released. This is because I’m learning on Duolingo, i have the from zero books, I follow endless youtube streams and have now joined HelloTalk. I’m inundated with so much but I never really worked out a plan to learn so I’ve never really learned very much ( 5 years and I can’t even hold a 3 years old conversation)

        I think that What I, and many new learners need is a logical plan that fits with our personal learning style, not just a set course but guidance on how to use the resources to match our learning style. It would save months of aimless searching and trying of endless apps, books, chat rooms. Etc.

        You create pretty much all of the needed resources apart from a live chat room. I know that in hindsight some guidance on how to use your resources to the best effect would probably have me actually proficient in Japanese reading, writing and speaking.

        Please don’t take this as a criticism, it’s not, it’s me looking back over years of trying hopelessly to become proficient in Japanese and still at baby speak level.

        Of course you may have already provided this and I’ve missed it 🙂


  • It appears I can select each individual item in the download window Dropbox presents after clicking your link, but it’s one file opening at a time and then saving it individually.

  • Hi.

    No there is no longer any option to save in any way, just cancel. I think Dropbox is changing, it’s going 1 month trial then subscription only. I just tried to get everything downloaded from my Dropbox account and every time the resulting Zip is corrupted.. I found a free app to transfer everything across the cloud from Dropbox to iCloud+ as I think my version isn’t the new subscription version of Dropbox.

    I also tried on Patreon but it appears that Makoto 67 is the last one available, are you ending downloading Makoto+ from Patreon?

    A zip download will do the job in the meantime but I hope there’s a solution that avoids managing zip files.


    • Ah! I forgot to post on Patreon. Sorry. I’ll do that now.

      I chatted with a Dropbox tech yesterday. I reinstalled Dropbox on my PC. It took a very long time but didn’t seem to change anything. I have to reply to the ticket about that. However, on my Mac, creating a share link works the same.

      Could you try this link and let me know what it does:

      If you don’t mind, let’s move to email. Please email me at clay@thejapanshop.com

      • Hi, It does the same, it presents a window with all the new stuff listed in it, I can click each individual item to open that item, even within directories but no “save to my Dropbox “ option in fact no other button except “cancel” is available.

        However, once again I have got around it with the link in Patreon which tells me to download the latest version of the Dropbox app, the new 1 month trial then subscription version, but it will allow me to continue with the web front end BUT something has changed because that web front end does open the latest Makoto files window and gives a “save to my Dropbox “ option, BUT it only saves the folder to my root directory and doesn’t present a “browse” option to save wherever I want in my Dropbox subdirectory hierarchy. But it does at least save it to my Dropbox.

        By the way , in doing this I realized that last months issue 68 isn’t available in Patreon and I had duplicated issue 67 by mistake. I do prefer my Patreon front end, any chance you can make 68 available as you have with 69.

        Thanks for the help.

  • Hi,

    This isn’t working for me again. If I click on the Dropbox link from either the email or after logging in to makato+ on safari on my iPad it goes into my Dropbox and opens a window with the new files but there is no “add to my Dropbox “ or save option. Last month I got around this by using my Patreon login instead but this time it opens a “you’ve been given access to view this folder” “join or preview”.

    I believe I have an up to date Dropbox, safari, apple mail.
    Though it looks like Dropbox may be going to a monthly subscription only rather than the free version I’ve always used. This will probably be an issue for you guys as I’m sure many, like me, won’t be paying for Dropbox if it does.

    In the meantime it looks like I can only get the issue buy download of the zip file.

    Any ideas?


    • After your comment last time, I also noticed that Dropbox changed something. But I thought it was okay because there is still a download option. When you click on the link, do you see the three options?

      1) Join Folder
      2) Copy to Dropbox
      3) Download

      Option 2 should copy to your Dropbox folder if you have an account or 3 should allow you to directly download a zip file without being a Dropbox member. I specifically make the link “view only” but I think if someone clicks on 1) Join Folder, they request editing rights. Obviously, I don’t want that.

      I will contact Dropbox and see what’s going on. Worst case, I’ll switch to a different downloads manager. That would really be a big change, though. Maybe there’s a setting in Dropbox I’m doing wrong…

      I’ll update everyone once I find out something. In the meantime, please use the Download option to get a zip file.


  • Hi

    What’s changed with the Dropbox download? Instead of just downloading to my Dropbox it did something with a link that 17 other people are sharing. It usually just asked if I want to copy to my Dropbox…. Am I doing something wrong?

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