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  • Hi there, I don’t quite understand the sentence below. I reckon that it urges ladies to be careful about revealing their age, and then what puzzles me is that the news will report the age. Is that what the sentence means? Just curious why the Japanese media will report about someone’s age? May Yumi-san explain? Thank you

    • That’s exactly what it means. News broadcasts almost always give people’s ages with their names. I believe this is because social standing is very important in Japan, and one’s age (先輩・後輩 senpai/kouhai) is the most obvious way to quickly figure out how to speak or refer to that person.
      As for 女性のあなた、気を付つけてください, Yumi is just being cute here. “Watch out ladies! Be careful because you will be asked.” 🙂

  • WHen you did the market research for this . I said I have so much material from you i probably won’t use it. However it’s solid immersion and it’s really very useful and interesting.

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