Shadowing and Repetition

Spend a Few Minutes Every Week

Improving your listening, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

Every Wednesday, all Makoto+ members (both Samurai and Shogun/Lifetime members get two sentences to practice.

Shogun/Lifetime members get ALL our previous sentence lessons - HUNDREDS of them!

Want to try it out? Here's a recent beginner-level sentence:

~すぎる too much



  • Master a sentence's meaning, vocabulary, and pronunciation with repetition and shadowing.
  • Click "Vocabulary" to see the audio player and the vocabulary.
  • Listen to the sentence as many times as you can bear (it will automatically loop).
  • Once you understand the meaning, start "shadowing" the text by mimicking (audibly) what you hear.

Going through sentences like this will cement your understanding of Japanese sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary. Practicing shadowing and repetition consistently will greatly improve your pronunciation skills.

All in just a few minutes of work a week.

Beginner sentence too easy or you just want more? We also publish a new intermediate sentence every week:

~だけ as much as ~ [“dictionary form V + だけ”]



If you are a Makoto+ member currently, I would encourage you to use this resource every week. Consistency is everything with language learning and this exercise is so effective in many areas.

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