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  • This is the first Makoto mag I was able to read completely to the end, showing me that (despite my repeated fears that I was just going in circles and not advancing) my Japanese has improved. I use a triple whammy strategy. After ending my three years of auditing college Japanese — which somehow left me unable to speak, read or write Japanese outside of the strictly controlled context of the textbook’s vocabulary — `i began to really progress when `i could go at my own pace. Like many, I started with Duolingo, then discovered the Japan Page / Makoto and added it, reading the beginner’s level material, the Haiku, etc but finding the last section too challenging. Finally, I added Satori Reader, which gave me regular daily practice in reading at my appropriate level. Thank to that, I can now read ALL of Makoto. I of course still have to use all the help you provide (furigana; voc and structure notes). But I have a real sense of pride in having come this far. A large part of that is thanks to The Japan Page / Makoto, of which I am a Shogun level member. Although I count every penny, the Shogun subscription is so helpful that I recommend it to anyone. I receive just about daily notes in my inbox offering a remarkably varied range of approaches and constantly stimulating me to keep on going. Arigatou gozaimasu! A sheynem dank!!!

    • That’s amazing! It sure is a great feeling when you suddenly realize you can now do something you couldn’t a year ago. Stopping to mark such occasions is really important, I think. I’m very proud of you!

  • I’ve been a Makoto Reader since the first issue and am always looking forward to the end of the month :)! Makoto helped me to stay tuned…otherwise I might have stopped learning Japanese. Thank you!!!!

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