Makoto E-zine #50 April 2022

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  • Sorry once more I cannot find the download link.
    It’s really annoying because you constantly change your way of doing and the way the download link is presented!
    Each month is a quest!
    Where is it please?

    • Sorry for the trouble, Pascal. I think I confused you by linking the main image to the web version (this page). Next time, I’ll link the main image to the members area. That way, you’ll see the download link immediately.

      As Benjie said, the link will always be in the members area. I also put download links to the monthly freebie or other content there.

      The problem is the email program we use isn’t able to connect precisely to the Makoto+ data, and that means it has some people who are no longer members. I want to make sure only members get the link.

    • Sure! For printing, PDF is best. Did you download the PDF version when #50 came out? If not, please email me (Clay AT theJapanShop.com) and I’ll send you the link.

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