Makoto E-zine #56 October 2022

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  • Being able to understand and enjoy the Haiku is always a real pleasure, and the clever work you’ve done concealing the furigana throughout Makoto adds to the experience and is much appreciated. A question I have is that in the second phrase in this Haiku I count 8 on not 7, 水底の草を(みずぞこのくさを). I’m quite sure I must be wrong, but can you explain why?

    • That’s awesome! It’s a great feeling when your hard work pays off.

      You are correct. 水底の草を has 8 mora. While the 5-7-5 form is the standard, there are times the rule is bent.

      I just realized I mistakenly labelled this haiku as an 一茶 poem. Whoops! It is 与謝蕪村【よさぶそん】. I’ll fix that right now.

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