Makoto E-zine #33 November 2020

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  • Really like the education style here. Patient. Appreciate the links to other lessons, e.g. the one to “gotta do”. For some reason, phrases from these lessons stick in my head. 「賢い彦一さん」, 「鈍い亀」, 「親ぶん!助けて!」I look forward to the day when more of 深夜食堂 makes sense!

    • Haha. 「親ぶん!助けて!」is a very useful phrase. 🙂
      That reminds me of a phrase I memorized early on and used with friends. 武器を捨てて、降参しろ! Throw down your weapons and surrender! It was from a manga. Who says manga can’t be educational?

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