Makoto E-zine #01

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  • Oh, wow. Since I have access to all previous issues now, thought I’d traverse through and intersperse reading the latest issues with checking out the oldest ones. It’s interesting to see how they have developed but were just as helpful and interesting even from the start. Usually when you get into something and look back at “the old stuff” it’s a disappointment at how not-so-cool they used to be. This is a glorious exception. Hooray for Makoto!! 😀

    • Thanks! I’m glad it still holds up. A lot has changed and we are including much more now (the first few issues were only in PDF–I later went back and added the other formats), but we really haven’t changed the structure radically. I’ve been thinking of doing a full revision of the format. If you have any ideas for what works or what doesn’t, please let me know.

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