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  • No hurry here, just a FYI – Arrival to Fukui Rice fields image is not showing up. (Pesach, End of School year, etc. so please take your very sweet time in fixing the black image.) Concerning Sushi, I love looking at Sushi pictures. ROFL Chags Sameach! Blessings!

  • Oh, these are great! I was lucky enough to go through both Narita and Haneda airports on my trip, because I was headed to Okinawa. That was a *long* time ago; we were participating in one of the first Kijimuna Children’s festivals (which are now called Ricca Ricca Fest.)

    • Nice! I guess Narita was for the international flight and Haneda was the flight to Okinawa?

      It’s been a while since I’ve flown into Narita. The last time we came, we went through Haneda also. The two times before that was Kansai, I believe.

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