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  • お上手ですよ. まだまだ、だめです。
    This two words are not in the audio and also in the explanation part. Can you please explain this words also

    • Ah! Sorry about that. I will remove those lines and clean this page up a bit. While it isn’t in the dialogue, here is the explanation:

      skilled | are | (emphatic)
      You are very (good at (Japanese)).

      not yet | not yet | no good am
      I still have a long way to go. I’m not good yet.

      You’ll hear these phrases a lot. Let’s break down the vocabulary:

      お上手ですよ (o-jouzu desu yo): This phrase is a polite compliment typically used to tell someone they are skilled or good at something. “お上手” (o-jouzu) means “skilled” or “good at,” and “ですよ” (desu yo) is a polite ending that can emphasize the statement. So, this part translates to “You are good/skilled.”

      まだまだ (mada mada): This phrase means “not yet” or “still a long way to go.” It’s often used to express that something is incomplete or to modestly imply that there’s much more to strive for or improve.

      だめです (dame desu): “だめ” (dame) means “no good” or “not acceptable,” and when combined with “です” (desu), which is a polite copula, it forms a polite expression translating to “it’s no good” or “it’s not acceptable.”

      In Japanese culture, people are expected to be humble and downplay any accomplishments. But people are also expected to praise other’s accomplishments. So, it creates a dynamic where people sometimes overly flatter and the flattered overly denies the compliment. 🙂

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