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Forgive me for mentioning our upcoming price change one last time , but the Makoto+ Samurai level monthly price for new subscribers will be $5 a month (or $50 for a year) this Wednesday . Current members and anyone who signs up today will be locked in at the current rate of only $3 a month or $36 a year.


If you are already a member, please ignore this last email about it, but if you aren’t a member, become one now to lock in the lowest price Makoto+ will ever be.


Current Samurai members will still pay only $3 a month (or $36 a year) and the Shogun price will remain the same ($10 a month or $99 a year).

But on Wednesday, we will raise the price for new Samurai members to $5 a month or $50 a year.

If you are not yet a member, here’s your last chance to jump in and lock in the current $3 a month (or $36 a year) rate. As long as you are a current member, your price will never go up.

Become a Makoto+ Member

You see, when we started Makoto over four years ago, we only had the magazine to offer. $3 seemed a reasonable price to charge at the time.

We have always been about offering quality (or at least our very best attempt at quality) AND quantity for a low and reasonable price.

But over the years, we have added so much to the Samurai level. Here are just a few benefits that didn’t exist when we started:

  • We added ePub and MOBI versions of the magazine in addition to the PDF to download and keep
  • Interactive Web version of the latest issue
  • Sound files, QR codes for on demand listening, occasional Anki decks for the story vocabulary, more content in each issue–we’ve made many improvements over the years.
  • Weekly sentence breakdowns – one for beginners and one for intermediates with slow and normal speed recordings and complete vocabulary
  • Podcast bonus content & access to all past podcasts (over 200 episodes!) Transcripts, sound files, and more for every. single. episode
  • Monthly freebie to download and keep from our extensive library of books on various Japanese topics
  • Bonus content for most TheJapanesePage.com lessons & sleep stories
  • Two free Makoto+ courses (Hiragana and JLPT N5 Kanji)
  • Reusable 10% off TheJapanShop.com coupon
  • All for only $3 a month (if you sign up before Wednesday!).


So, if you have been thinking about joining at the Samurai level, now is the time to jump in . If you become a member today, you will only pay $3 a month for all the above. And that will never change until you cancel (which you can do at any time).

Become a Makoto+ Member

Or perhaps you would prefer to upgrade to the Shogun or Lifetime membership?

Shogun and Lifetime members have all that Samurai has to offer plus much more (Reusable 20% off TheJapanShop.com coupon; unlimited access to all Makoto+ online courses; all Makoto back issues in web format; all past sentence lessons; many of our books in web format; and more)

While we are not raising the Shogun ($10 a month or $99 a year) or Lifetime ($249) on Wednesday, I guarantee those prices are the lowest they will ever be.

Become a Makoto+ Member

Or become a Lifetime member by clicking here

If you have any questions, please hit reply. I (Clay) would love to hear from you.

I’ll leave with one final word:



Clay & Yumi

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