日本の果物 Japanese Fruits

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  • Hi Clay and Yumi,
    I think I have mentioned to you before that I have been to Japan eleven times and can’t wait to get back. I go frequently because I have made wonderful friends in Tokyo. One of my friends has two adorable twins, now eight years old. A few years ago when we were at their condo for lunch, they served a dessert with fresh strawberries. These were the most delicious strawberries we had ever tasted. On the way back to our hotel in Shinjuku, we passed a fruit truck selling beautiful fruit. A small carton was 1900 ¥.

    • Wow–eleven times. That’s a lot of 時差ボケ. 🙂

      When I taught English in Japan in the late nineties, I would tell the kids about watermelons in Florida. Several times the size of a Japanese melon and (back) then only about 100 yen ($1). They would be amazed. Now, I can appreciate quality over quantity.

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